Would you bring a holiday romance home?

Hi Again!

It’s the holiday season here in Australia. For me, this means hot sunny days, ice cold wine, the cricket on the telly, and my ultrabook glued to my lap. For many others though, there are fun-filled adventures to be had.

In lieu of an exciting adventure of my own, I thought we’d talk about the holidays instead. Or, more specifically, about holiday romances.

Have you ever had a holiday romance?

Ooh, you lucky thing if you have. You’re doing better than me!

Was it absolutely awesome? Were you frolicking around in the ocean or snowbound with a sexy stranger? Did you have the time of your life?

I know when you’re in holiday mode, you’re often more adventurous, more relaxed, even just plain happier. It’s almost like you are the best version of you, without all the stress and pressure of everyday life wearing you down. And if you are meeting someone who is also on holiday mode – who is the best version of them – then surely that is the ultimate romantic experience?

I imagine it would be like a communion of souls. You could almost reach that place of pure paradise and enjoyment without a care or concern in the world. Maybe you stayed up night after night talking about every topic under the sun. Of course, you just had to. After all, you had to cram months’ worth of getting-to-know-you talk into just a few days.

Maybe you jumped into bed faster than you normally would too. After all, there’s no time to play by “the rules” when he could be leaving in three days.

The existence of this time-limit gives everything a sense of urgency. It makes the sex hotter and the connection stronger. No way are you going to wait, when you could be missing out on the greatest experience of your life.

In fact, people in advertising and marketing use a similar time-limit strategy frequently. Every sale has a time-frame and the shorter the time-frame the more people will rush in for fear of missing something special.

But thinking of it like that takes the all the fun away from the holiday romance.

Unfortunately, though, holidays, by their very nature, must come to an end. At some point you have to return to reality – go back to work; pay the bills; live your life.

So what happens to the great love you shared on your holiday? Can it survive this drop after such a blissful start? Do you even want to try? Or do you want to keep it as a beautiful happy memory? Because if you don’t follow the “what happened on holidays stays on holidays” motto, if you try and make your romance go the distance, you run the risk of it failing. And failing abysmally.

Certainly some holiday romances last. I even know of one that worked out in real life. One of my friends met her partner on holidays and four years on they are still going strong.

But many don’t last.

Is it really worth tainting the wonderful memories of a blissful love with the harsh light of reality? Of finding out that maybe he’s hopeless with money or she’s completely neurotic? Or trying to make a long-distance relationship work and when it doesn’t maybe you uproot your entire life, saying goodbye to your friends, your family, to move half-way across the world to recapture two weeks of pure bliss?

Okay, enough with being the Negative Nancy. Perhaps I’m too cynical.

Because some holiday romances do last. There is a chance the hottie by the pool on your next cruise could be your one true love. Can you really afford to risk turning your back on that once-in-a-lifetime love just so you don’t end up with a bag full of bad memories?

I’d love to hear what you think, so drop me a comment or vote on the poll.

That’s all from me today. If you are going on holidays, remember to stay safe but most of all… have fun!

Chat again soon XX



  1. Hi amanda, I met my husband on holidays in canada 9 years ago. Sometimes like minded people just end up in the same little pub in the same foreign city 🙂 Enjoyed reading your blog!

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