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Marianne Curley talks writer’s block on her latest blog in her Q&A series

Marianne Curley

Question from: Wilfredo, a Facebook friend, 20th June, 2014

Hello: I’m a big fan, and I’m writing a novel. I was wondering if you can tell me how can I overcome the writers block cause I’m stuck in a chapter and it feels like a dead end ….

Hi Wilfredo

ImageWriter’s block is something that can happen to the best of writers, so first rule is not to panic. But I’m wondering if you have writer’s block or you are a victim of poor planning. Some writers don’t plan much before they start their new book. Some don’t plan at all, and it works for them, but I like to plan from the beginning and plot my chapters, one after another, like scenes of a movie, if you will. You don’t need a lot of information in the Chapter Breakdowns, as I call them. You can have as little as a title, or one…

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