Five ways ‘Night’s at St Mary’s’ will keep you hot under the collar

The Escapades

by Amanda Canham

The Night’s at St Mary’s series is a set of sweet, sensual, sleep medicine romance novels about modern women and the delicious doctors that steal their hearts. These dedicated professionals have deeply emotional journeys – but they don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.

  • They talk about arousals. A Lot.

Cortical arousals, not tumescent. (… unless you’re coming in for a nocturnal penile tumescent study (NPT), but that’s a whole other story.)

  • They can do it anywhere, any time.

In the lab; on the ward; on someone else’s ward; in your home(…of course, I’m talking about polysomnographic (PSG) studies, where they’ll monitor your cortical and respiratory functions throughout the night.)

  • You can’t breathe without them

If you suffer from sleep apnoea you stop breathing and need their treatments to keep your airways open during the night. (… and if you’re lucky, they could…

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