A Heart Worth Mending – Teasers

A Heart Worth Mending_Final

Snippet #1

‘That wasn’t enjoyment.’

‘And what, you’re the expert on enjoyment?’ He challenged.

‘No. But I do know pain.’

Something shifted in his gaze; an understanding, an empathy that pierced straight through the fog inside her and shot deep into her heart. But then shutters came down, and the understanding changed to cold dismissal in an instant.

‘Whatever you thought, you’re wrong,’ he insisted. ‘And I strongly recommend you take your hands off me.’

‘Wha—?’ Kelli followed his line of sight down to where her hands rested against his hips and saw her breasts hovering a hair’s breadth above his crotch. She hadn’t even been aware of their proximity, but now that she was…She froze, her eyes caught by the bulge that seemed to be growing by the second.

‘Unless, maybe you want to?’



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