Does size matter?

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I’m sure there are some ladies out there yelling “hell, yes!” and more than a few gentlemen saying “ahem, it’s the way it’s used, not the size that matters.”

But before we all go getting too excited, let me explain. I’m referring to the size of a book, not a… well, you know.

Forgetting about that other size issue, let’s focus on books.

There seems to be a huge push towards smaller size books lately. Or maybe it’s that I’m only becoming aware that we seem to be entering the age of the novella. Although there is no consensus about how long a novella must be, they generally seem to range between 10 000 and 40 000 words (i.e. from about 25 to 100 pages). Some books that are for sale on Amazon are even shorter (such as one dinosaur porn book I recently came across – don’t ask how I found it, and no, I’m not linking to it. It’s already sold way better than my sweet medical romances lol).

For me, personally, I don’t see the appeal (of either dinosaur porn or the novella). If I’m going to invest time and money in a book, I want to get at least twenty-four hours out of a story. I accidentally bought a novella once, only realising what I’d done when I found myself three-quarters of the way through the story in less than two hours.

I felt jipped.

But that’s just me. I grew up on chunky historical romances and epic fantasy series. I read Margaret Mitchell’s thousand-page Gone With The Wind novel when I was eleven years old (and yes, I do like to brag about that).

Maybe I’m an anomaly, though.

After all, more and more publishing houses are creating imprints for the short novels and novella length stories. The theory behind it is that in this technological age our attention spans are much smaller, the time we can commit to reading less than in previous generations.

Although that makes a certain kind of sense, I’d still much rather spend my limited book budget on novels I can sink my teeth into.

What about you? Is bigger better? Or do you like your stories short and sweet?




Profile 3Amanda Canham is a sleep scientist by trade, a mother by heart, and blogs for fun. She has published a series of sensual sleep medicine romance novels that you can check out here.

It’s time for some blatant self-promotion

October has turned into a very exciting month for little old writer me.

My second novel – A Heart Worth Mending – was published on the 8th October! Yay me 🙂
It’s a medical romance that is available from all good e-stores & if you like my writing I’m sure you’ll love my stories.

Getting busy with promoting this release means I’ve done some guest blogging and you can find these posts here: WIP Me Inspired & At My Desk

This has, unfortunately meant I’ve neglected my personal blog posts. Sorry! I’ve got lots of ideas bubbling away but no time to write them… fingers crossed I’ll get that time soon.

The other exciting news I’ve had is that some awesome reviews have come out about both my published novels. When my first book (A Life Worth Living) was released in December, I waited with nervous trepidation for the reviews. I waited. And I waited. And I waited. But none came out. Half of me was relieved. After all, reviews are a tricky double-edged sword. They could boost me up (if they were nice) or tear me down (if they were not so nice). But not having any… I was left kind of flat.

Well, in the last few weeks, that’s all changed. I’ve had my first official reviews appear on the web & I’m a little excited. I just had to share a couple of the snippets with you.

A Life Worth Living

Website ALWL“Why did I put off reading this book for so long?!?! What a sweet romantic story!!! The characters are so open and honest with their needs, wants and feelings. Stacey knows what she wants and pursues her own happiness.  It was so nice to read a book where the characters acted their age!! No unnecessary drama.”

Posted by: Terri on Goodreads

“…I loved the novel. I loved the way the author wrote her story, the way the relationship evolved between our heroes. And I absolutely loved the last chapter before the epilogue.”

Posted by: Fabiola on Les Romantiques & Goodreads


A Heart Worth Mending

A Heart Worth Mending_Final“Getting the balance between medical dramas and emotional dramas is tough…Amanda Canham nails both.”  Posted by: Jenny on Goodreads

“The descriptions were fantastic and it was easy to see the flow of the story. There were a few twists but mainly this was a good straightforward sweet story…”   Posted by: Valerie on Harlequin Junkie


That’s it for me & my blatant self-promotion. Next time we chat I’ll make it something more juicy, but in the meantime, be sure to add my books to your #TBR pile

XX Amanda