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And the countdown begins

I have a date. I have a cover. I have a blurb.

So maybe, just maybe, it’s time to share 🙂

A Love Worth Saving, the third installment in my Nights at St Mary’s series will be available from your favourite e-store on…


It’s gonna look like this:

A Love Worth Saving

And here’s a hint of the story:

Have you taken a night shift at St Mary’s yet?

Ana Reed has been offered her perfect job – managing a new portable diagnostic sleep service. The only problem: it means working with Dr Brad Lewis, the only man she’s ever loved, and the one man she can never keep.

Brad has always loved Ana, but when he’s around her, he’s constantly reminded of a past he desperately needs to forget. However, he knows Ana is good at her job, and he refuses to stand in the way of her passions. So he will put aside the past, so that she can have her future. After all, they are both professionals, both adults, and their patients have to come first. Surely they can work together without their shared history


Mark the date guys, and get the tissues ready for Brad & Ana’s emotional roller coaster is about to begin.