7 Seriously Sweet Medical Romances

So it will probably come as no surprise that I’ve been a long-time fan of medical drama/comedy series. After all, I currently write my very own medical romances, with a wicked combination of emotional drama, laugh out loud moments, super sweet couples and sizzling sexual tension.

I have to get my inspiration from somewhere, and one of the most fruitful sources, I find, are the shows I enjoy. I watch, am touched and want to touch in return. It’s a wonderful creative cycle, and I wanted to share some of my all-time favourite couples with you.

Fair warning: I ❤ Grey’s Anatomy & there are just so many couples in that show to pick from that they’ve dominated this list. Feel free to add your faves in the comments below. I’d love to know who’s touched your memory banks.


  1. Meredith & Derek – Grey’s Anatomy – Seasons 1-11
    I couldn’t really start anywhere else, could I? So many moments, so many elevator rides.


  1. Luka & Abby – ER – Seasons 6-15

Not the most conventional of love stories, but man, I just wanted these two to finally make it work!

He was the epitome of the brooding hero, but her life wasn’t the easiest either and the tension between them was incredible.


  1. Carla & Turk – Scrubs – Seasons 1-10

Funny, real, stable, long-suffering – these guys were half the show and it was great to watch them grow from their first date through to marriage and children.


  1. Callie & Arizona – Grey’s Anatomy – Seasons 5-11

OMG! I ❤ these two! The chemistry between them is awesome and they are two of the nicest, coolest characters you’ll ever meet. They’ve been through a lot, so I really hope they work it out (and please, no spoilers as I haven’t seen season 11 yet).


  1. Alex & Jo – Grey’s Anatomy – Seasons 9-11

Okay, so this is a relatively new relationship, but Alex has been one of my long-time favourite characters. He had a tough life as a kid, and his love life hasn’t been much better throughout the show. Jo is the first love interest to get him, to understand where he comes from and it’s great to see things finally working out for him.


  1. Izzy & Denny – Grey’s Anatomy – Season 2

It was the shortest of loves, but there aren’t many that are more powerful or emotionally compelling. I dare you to watch this clip and not cry.


  1. Nina & Patrick – Offspring – Seasons 3-4 (& a ghost in season 5)

When I checked the seasons these two were together, I couldn’t believe it was only two years. This couple enamoured an entire nation (Australia) in a very short time with their love and their engaging personalities. It was a modern love story that ended in a tragedy that sent the entire country into mourning. RIP Patrick.


I can only hope only hope that my characters touch people’s hearts as much as these characters touched mine.






  1. This is great, Amanda. It has me thinking of all those steamy scenes. I would add to this list the relationship on Grey’s Anatomy of Lexie Grey with Mark Sloan. It began in Season Six, I believe.

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